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New community energy project gets under way

Community Energy Warwickshire, the energy co-operative which Transition Stratford helped to set up, has launched a new project to put more solar panels on the roofs of local hospitals.

Community Energy Warwickshre’s Solar-Powered Hospitals scheme put solar panels on roofs at Stratford and Warwick Hospitals in 2011-12. These panels are estimated to have generated around 120,000 units of electricity since installation, saving 60 tonnes of carbon and bringing in £45,000 in income.

Now the co-op is launching Phase 2 of the Solar-Powered Hospitals scheme with a plan to double its size through installations of panels at Leamington Spa and Warwick Hospitals. The Phase 2 scheme will cost £110,000, and Community Energy Warwickshire is inviting people to buy shares to fund the project.

Shareholders will receive a modest interest on their shares, and Community Energy Warwickshire will also use a third of its financial surplus to fund local social and charitable activity.

More details about the share offer and how to subscribe can be found on Communtiy Energy Warwickshire’s website at www.cew.coop.