Community Energy

More needs to be done to promote the take-up of sustainable energy in Stratford – but how can this be done? Transition Stratford is looking for ways to encourage investment, whether single-household or collective, in both demand-side measures (energy efficiency) and supply-side measures (renewable energy).

Community Energy Warwickshire

Transition Stratford supporters have been active in setting up Community Energy Warwickshire – a local energy co-operative which has been founded to invest in local renewable energy projects and to promote community energy.

Between November 2011 and January 2012, Community Energy Warwickshire raised over £100,000 to fund the installation of solar panels on roofs at Stratford and Warwick Hospitals – panels which generated over 56,000 units of electricity in their first year. Community Energy Warwickshire has now raised a further £90,000 to install more solar panels at local hospitals: a large array has been generating at Leamington Hospital in Whitnash since June 2014, and a smaller array will be installed at Warwick in early September 2014.

Community Energy Warwickshire has also investigated a number of other potential renewable energy schemes, including hydro-electricity generation in Leamington and generating energy from food waste in Stratford. It is currently working with a number of local parish councils to develop green energy projects.

Community Energy Warwickshire has its own website – – and you can find out more about Community Energy Warwickshire and its plans by phoning 01789 290736 or e-mailing