Plastic Challenge – tips and hints

Here are some hints and tips from people who’ve already had a go at reducing the amount of plastic in their lives.

  • Don’t throw out the Tupperware! Re-usable plastic containers are very useful in helping to cut down the amount of new plastic
  • Carry re-usable shopping bags at all times
  • Take your own containers for meat and fish
  • Buy fruit and veg loose rather than in packs. Put them in your own plastic bags (re-used) – or simply put things loose into your bag
  • When offered extra wrappings in the supermarket – just say No!
  • You can cut down on packaging by buying in bulk. If you cannot manage bulk buying on your own, could you share a bulk purchase with friends or neighbours?
  • If you can, get milk delivered in returnable glass bottles
  • Don’t buy bottled water. If you want to carry water with you, use a travel mug (or an old water bottle can be re-used)
  • Make your own rather than buying ready-prepared meals or take-aways
  • Use re-fillable cleaning products

We’ll be posting more suggestions and ideas as we hear them. If you’ve got ideas, then why not share them with others? E-mail