About Transition Stratford

Transition Stratford was established in spring 2009 to promote local action in response to the challenges arising from climate change, economic instability and the end of cheap non-renewable energy. In September 2009, Transition Stratford was given official status as a Transition Town. See Transition Stratford’s application for more information.

Transition Stratford is a member of the international network of Transition Towns, which brings together people and organisations across the world who are developing local responses to the challenges of climate change and peak oil.

The aims of Transition Stratford are:

  • Encourage and support actions by individuals and organisations to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels; minimise their carbon footprint; adapt to the effects of climate change; reduce waste; and increase their resilience to higher energy prices.
  • Facilitate the sharing of ideas, information and other resources amongst individuals, organisations and neighbouring communities.
  • Promote the values of sustainability, inclusivity and social justice and uphold the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Transition Stratford is run by its members. Anyone who lives or works in the area of Stratford on Avon District Council can become a member and play their part in Transition Stratford – see How Transition Stratford Works for more information about how things are organised and how you can take part – or click here for Transition Stratford’s constitution. For a quick round up of our projects check out What we do – in a nutshell.

Since Transition Stratford was formed, a Transition Town has also been set up in Shipston on Stour covering the town and surrounding area. And there are similar initiatives – not all called Transition! – in other parts of the district: click here for links. Transition Stratford is keen to help set up other Transition initiatives in places where local people want to do this. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how Transition Stratford might help you.