Making best use of resources

The Really Re-Useful Show on 18 June 2011 produced a number of interesting ideas for practical ways to reduce waste and reuse resources. Contact Transition Stratford on 01789 298503 or through if you would like a copy of the report on the Show.

Progress on some of the ideas is as follows.

Food co-op. An idea put forward at the Really Re-useful Show was setting up a food co-op to support bulk buying and reduced packaging – and it’s already been done! At this stage, it is being promote by word of mouth while the basics are being tested/sorted out.
Contact if you want to know more.

Plastic Challenge. A two-week Plastic Challenge ran in May 2012. The aim was to find ways in which we could reduce  the amount of plastic that regularly comes into our lives. Click to find out more – and how you can take up the Plastic Challenge in 2013.

Register of repairers and re-users. The idea is to collect details of local businesses and organisations which offer repairing and re-use services to publish on Transition Stratford’s website. We are starting by collating what we individually know (but others don’t necessarily know)! Send your suggestions for businesses to include to

Swap and Share Day. Could we promote a day when people “put out” things they don’t want for others to take/use? The idea needs some thought  about issues such as product safety, trading standards, and overlaps with car boots/garage sales. Next steps will be a meeting in the autumn to think in detail about how this might work and what would have to be done beforehand. Contact if you are interested.