Discover the lost arts of thrifty (and low carbon) living

Transition Stratford’s next Quarterly Meeting on Sunday 25 January will be looking at some of skills needed for low carbon living.

One thing we know about low carbon living – and that is that we need to repair things rather than throw them away. And this is not difficult, as it’s how we all lived until a few decades ago, when it was called “thrifty living”!

So from knife sharpening to trouser patching, from repairing bike punctures to changing plugs, the meeting will be inviting people to share their skills with others. And if you don’t think you’ve got skills to share – then come along and tell us what you would like to know.

The meeting is the beginning of work in preparation for running a repair cafe in Stratford at the end of March as part of this year’s Warwickshire Week of Thrift, so if you have skills you would like to share but can’t make the Sunday’s meeting, why not get in touch on 01789 298503.

Sunday’s meeting will take place at the Ken Kennett Centre, 100 Justins Avenue, Stratford-upon-Avon, starting at 2.00 and ending with a bring-and-share tea around 4.00 pm.