Take The Plastic Challenge!

Transition Stratford has announced the launch of The Plastic Challenge – an opportunity to find ways to cut down the amount of new plastic in your life!

Plastic is durable, flexible and much lighter than most alternative packaging materials – so food and drink can be transported easily and kept longer. But plastic is also one of the worst of polluters, as it doesn’t easily degrade and can remain in the environment for a very long time. And 4 per cent of total world oil production goes into the making of plastics – much of which is used just once before ending up in landfill.

Transition Stratford’s Plastic Challenge is simple. In Week One, starting Saturday12 May 2012, we will shop as normal – but collect together every bit of plastic packaging that comes home with the shopping. Keep a note of how much packaging comes into your life.

In Week Two, starting Saturday 19 May 2012, we will aim to avoid as much as possible of the throw-away plastic we brought home in Week 1. To do that, we’ll need to change the way we shop – in particular avoiding single-use plastic packaging. We won’t eliminate the plastic in our lives, but we will see where we can cut back on avoidable plastic and reduce the amount of plastic that just goes to waste.

And we will celebrate at the end of Week Two, on Saturday 26 May, with the creation of a sculpture from plastic collected during the Challenge Fortnight.

To help you meet the Challenge, we will be publishing tips and advice in the run up to the Challege Fortnight. And to inspire you to take up the Challenge, we will be screening Hawai’i:Message in the Waves on Friday 11 May – a film from the BBC Natural History Unit about the way plastic,among other things, poses a threat to the wildlife of the Hawai’ian Islands.

To find out more – and to register to take part in the Plastic Challenge, phone Transition Stratford on 01789 298503 or e-mail us at plastic@transitionstratford.com.

And please tell your friends about the Challenge. Anyone can take part – wherever they live. Let’s see what we can achieve together.