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Are we losing the skills to grow our own food?

Announcing Transition Stratford’s first event of 2017

Join us on Sunday 5th February to find out about organic growing that won’t cost the earth.

Our theme for this year is exploring small changes that can make a big difference and our first open session concentrates on inspiring you to get growing as the day’s lengthen and the season turns.

We begin with a shared lunch at Lifeways on Albany Road CV37 6PG from 1pm – just bring a plate of something and share a relaxing meal and chat. We then have a talk from Diana Sandercock from Heart of England Organic Group from 2pm. Diana has been an organic grower for 40 years and a volunteer Master Composter for Worcestershire County Council since 2009 so brings a wealth of experience to share with us.

We’ll also have the chance to swap seeds as well as stories so search through your stores and bring along any that you no longer have a use for and swap them for something different- they can be opened packets, out of date ones, self-saved or new packets that you just haven’t got around to trying – veg or flowers the choice is yours. There are a couple of boxes sitting here next to me just waiting for new homes so please come along and take your pick! Bring friends too 🙂

Harvestshare Apple Juice Sold out

After a wonderful weekend at Stratford’s River Festival we have now sold out of our Harvestshare 2015 juice. We also managed to give away 80 Act on Energy electricity monitors and spoke to lots of folk about energy saving, Transition, Time Bank and CEW grant giving.


Keeping with our ethos of walking the walk we provided a bit of practical support to the River Festival’s attempts to get folk on site recycling with a collection point on the stall. We hope they continue with this in future years.

To those that popped by to say hello – thanks, it was great to see you and to those that signed up to the mailing list – welcome and please keep an eye on your inbox for your first message from us in the next couple of days. To the small but very keen team who staffed the stall for the weekend – huge thanks, we can’t continue to spread the word and model change without your help. To find out more about how you can get involved please email us at admin@transitionstratford.


Save energy and cut your bills

There will be a chance to find out how to save energy in your home – and to get a free energy monitor to help you do so – at an upcoming talk organised by local sustainability group Transition Stratford as part of this year’s Warwickshire Week of Thrift.

The talk, which will take place at the Ken Kennett Centre, 100 Justins Avenue, Stratford upon Avon CV37 0DA at 2.00 pm on Sunday 20 March, will be given by David Jullien, Chief Executive of local charity Act on Energy.

Act on Energy, which is based in Wellesbourne, provides advice on energy efficiency throughout Warwickshire. David Jullien’s talk will cover ways to reduce the use of energy in the home as well as ways to cut energy bills through switching suppliers. David will also be giving away free monitors which measure the use of electricity in the home – helping people to see where they are using energy and how they might reduce consumption.

The talk is open to anyone interested in the topic. It starts at 2.00 pm, but people are also welcome to come to a shared lunch beforehand, starting at 1.00 pm. To join the lunch, just bring some food to share with others!

For more information, contact Transition Stratford on 01789 298503.


Don’t Bin it – fix it!- Repair Cafe & Seed Swap on Saturday 20th February

Broken lamp? Dodgy vacuum cleaner? Ripped pocket? Why not let our volunteers show you how to fix them and keep them our of landfill?

Join us at the Ken Kennet Centre on Justin’s Avenue (CV37 0DA) from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 20th February (last repair taken in at 12.30).

We’ll have volunteer repairers able to look at bicycles, small electrical items such as kettles, radios, hoovers, lamps etc , sewing repairs such as split seams, ripped pockets, broken zips (if a replacement is needed please bring one with you), general repairs such chair legs, handles off ceramics and the like plus knife and garden tool sharpening.

Repair cafe2 2015 Repair Cafe3 2015 Repair Cafe1 2015

All repairs will be carried out free and you’ll be able to see how it’s done too, although donations will be most welcome! And if we can’t fix it we’ll pass on details of local repairers who should be able to help or tell you what parts we think you might need.

To celebrate the start of the planting season there will also be a seed swap – bring along any old or unwanted seeds and swap them for those you do want to try.

Finally we’ll have hot drinks, homemade cakes and Harvest Share apple juice for sale too.


Email us for more information –

2016 – New adventures in Transition

So the festivities are drawing to a close and we start turning our minds to the coming year and the challenges it could bring – What shall we learn? Who will we share it with? What will we grow? Do we have to throw that away or can we find a new use for it? Do we really need a new one of those? We don’t need that any more but how do I find out if someone else does?

For those of you already familiar with Transition and the way we try to live, these are probably familiar questions and ones that you revisit frequently but for those new to thinking about a lower impact lifestyle they may not be so usual so where do you start?

Small steps are always easiest to take so why not take a look at your bin, NO, we haven’t gone mad, honestly! What you put in your bin can tell you a lot about where your mind is right now and where you are on your journey to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.  Are you putting any recyclables in the black bin? Does the whole household know what can and can’t be recycled? How much single-use plastic is in there?  What is single-use plastic? Have you thrown something away that could be re-used? Could that cardboard go in the compost bin? Do you have a compost bin? Could that vacuum cleaner be repaired?  See –  open the bins and a whole host of questions come tumbling out!


The wonderful folk over at The Rubbish Diet have launched a three week slimming club for bins and provide lots of help and support if you’re new to rubbish watching or just need a boost. If watching the whole bin is a bit much right now or you’ve already taken a look at your general rubbish, you could always take a look at our own Plastic Challenge and focus on just one important area.



To find out more about what happens to the things we throw away in Stratford check out the District Council’s website and remember that no matter how hard we try and convince ourselves otherwise, there really is “no such thing as away”.

Repair cafe2 2015

Other useful resources:

Zero Waste Week UK

The Story of Stuff

There a a whole host of resources talking about the effect of plastics on our seas – these are just a few – The Marine Conservation Society, Greenpeace and Surfers against Sewage, a blog called Plastic Soup NewsNational Geographic and even Wikipedia!


And for those of you up for more in depth study:

There are now a whole host of free online courses available for study in the comfort of your own home. Sites such as Futurelearn  and the Open University provide access to these.


Oh and if you find something broken that you think could still have life in it but don’t know how to fix it – watch this space for news of our next Repair Cafe.


Let us know how you get on….

New year, new venture? Gardenshare spaces waiting for you

Gabeeon artichokerdenshare matches people who want to grow their own food but have no space with folk with too much space or space they can no longer make use of. We currently have 9 happy matches but are looking for growers to take on spaces in Atherstone-on-Stour, Broom, Clopton, Luddington, Shottery, Tiddington.

In the New Year we’ll be spotlighting the available spaces but if you think you might be interested in becoming a Garden Sharer why not get in touch by emailing

Paris Agreement 12th December 2015- so many views – what’s yours?

After weeks, if not years, of anticipation the UN released the final draft of the agreement which many believe delivers our last best chance of turning the tide of climate change. On the other hand, some commentators see it as a wasted opportunity. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle and will largely depend on just how well our government and all the others actually truly intend to stick to their commitments and move away from dependence on fossil fuels and the global need for “stuff”.

And it’s not just up to the governments or big business – as individuals we have a part to play too. It will be the choices we make in the coming days, months and years that will help determine what happens next to our planet.

Why not read the document, and start making your choices count?

Seasonal fun doesn’t have to mean piles of rubbish



Mid – Winter celebrations don’t have to lead to huge mounds of waste heading to landfill and if you need help planning a fun time without abandoning your year-round efforts for low impact living then why not check out some of the hints and tips on the web.



P1000602Warwickshire County Council’s website gives lots of information on what can be recycled and where as well as suggestions for minimising waste.



The LoDSC00510ve Food Hate Waste campaign has a seasonal flavour at the moment with lots of recipes for using leftovers and planning your shopping/cooking.




The folk on the My Zero Waste website have a whole host of tips – and not just for this time of year, so why not check it out and see if you can learn something new?