Welcome to Transition Stratford

Welcome to Transition Stratford, an organisation of people in Stratford upon Avon and surrounding areas who are working to make a transition to a locally based, low carbon way of living. We aim to develop positive, practical ways in which we can act as individuals and local communities to achieve a more sustainable and fairer future for all.

If you live or work in Stratford upon Avon or district, feel free to get involved. Details of some of our current activities are given below, and you’ll find more information on other pages. Contact us to register your support and find out how you can contribute.

What is going on?

Harvest Share, our scheme to pick local fruit which would otherwise go to waste and put it to use,has drawn to a close for 2015. We’ve saved over 2.5 tonnes of fruit from waste in this year and we’ll be back in 2016. Picking and processing normally gets going towards the end of July or beginning of August and continues right through to the end of October. Please get in touch if you would like to help us pick, sort, distribute, make jam or just to find out more.

Speaking of food – our Garden Share scheme currently has 9 shares – and we have several garden spaces available for willing growers. If you’re interested, get in touch.

We’ve now run a Repair Café twice, saving lamps, a vacuum cleaner, jeans and garden tools from landfill or a useless life at the back of someone’s cupboard. We hope to run more through the year so if you have skills to share please let us know.

Meanwhile, Transition Stratford is helping the newly formed Stratford Time Bank to get up and running. Transition Stratford provided the Time Bank with temporary e-mail facilities, but it now has its own website and e-mail address: welcome@stratfordtimebank.org.uk.

And finally, Community Energy Warwickshire, the local energy co-operative that Transition Stratford helped to found, has more than doubled the size of its solar-powered hospitals scheme. 2014 saw the installation of new solar panel arrays at Leamington Spa Hospital in Whitnash, and Warwick Hospital, while another 50 kWp array was installed at Warwick Hospital late in 2015. Find out more at Community Energy Warwickshire’s website at www.cew.coop.

Contact us any time to find out what else is going on.